Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Chemical Peel and its types

Heat, exposure to sun and other damaging elements cause wrinkles on the face. Chemical peel helps the man to look years younger. A chemical peel is a procedure the helps to remove the outer skin and encourage in the development of the new skin. In this procedure a chemical solution is applied on the skin that helps to remove the outer layer of the skin. After the chemical peel the new skin is smoother and a person looks younger. Chemical peel is used to remove the wrinkles and scars which is typically present on the face of the person. This procedure can be done alone or with the combination of different cosmetic can also removes the precancerous cells. This procedure is inexpensive and contains less pain, less recovery time. This procedure contains different depths like light, medium and deep. Depths consist of different desired results. Every type of chemical peel contains different type of chemical solution. Deep chemical peels have better result but have longer recovery time.

Light Peels

Alphahydroxy acid contains latic acid, fruit acid andglycolic acid. Light peels have no recover process. It can remove uneven pigments, sun damage, dry skin and wrinkles which is present on the skin. It can be used on weekly basis to accomplish the desired results. Light peel can cause irritation and can cause redness on the face.

Medium Peels

In medium peels normally trichloroacetic acid is used. Medium peel is use to correct the fine wrinkles present on the is more effective than the light peel and need less treatments then the light peel, but it is not long lasting like deep peel. To avoid the pigment after medium peel, patients have to stay out the sun for many months. Swelling can happen after the medium peel.

Deep Peels

In deep peels phenol is used. This procedure is not for everyone. Phenol can lighten the skin of some people. If can remove wrinkles and can treat severe damaged skin. Deep peel is a procedure that can cause swelling. It will take many days to get back in normal activities. Chemical peel should be performed under the supervision of a certified surgeon or dermatologist. If a person wants a chemical peel then he/she should first consult with the surgeon. Surgeon can guide better and it helps the person to make decision.

Personal Injury Claim of Cosmetic Surgery

If a patient have visible scars and also have defects from the surgery which is performed by the surgeon. It is very important for the patient to take photographs of the area and for more advice, contact with the cosmetic surgery solicitors. Solicitors are always there to help the patient if the cosmetic surgery has gone wrong. Patient can also choose female or a male solicitor for advice. Both have an experience to deal with this type of cases.